Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dave's Thoughts

Hello everyone, wanted you to know that Jolynn and I are back. Isn't it interesting that every time a comittment is made to read the Book of Mormon, something arises to stop you. These have been numerous but we are still kicking. Jolynn and I are now in the middle of Alma. I think it is important to remember that each chapter was chosen by Mormon for inclusion in the book after much study of the many texts available to him and prayerful consideration. There is something the Lord wants us to know in it all. I will share with you one of my very favorite people in the book. Some weeks ago we read about Amulek. As you remember Alma was leaving the city of Ammoniah and was instructed to return and he would meet someone. He did and that person was Amulek. I like Amulek because he is totally relatable to me. He was a person of means having much property but that is not why. He declares to Alma that he "knew but would not know". In other words he had a testimony, but I am sure felt unworthy because of his personal shortcomings.Thus he knew, but pushed it aside. I suppose we all do that. You also recall that he shortly became a great companion to Alma and was a very powerful teacher of the Gospel. He was willing to suffer much hunger and even jail, yet he was the one that "knew but would not know" Perhaps the lesson here is that the distance from where he was when he met Alma to where he ended up was not so great a distance afterall. It may be the same with us. I would be interested in hearing from you about your favorite person we have read about so far and why. Different perspectives when shared gives the book new meaning for all of us. Look forward to hearing from you.

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